English is a wonderful language to explore and exploit- and it can be very easily manipulated to get you that A* for your IGCSEs! I personally don’t really like our English Language curriculum much, due to its restrictive and rather elementary nature. However, I’m studying Much Ado for Literature and I love the play. I don’t really revise for English, but I do keep multiple blogs/ journals and write on a daily basis, as well as read pretty much at least a book a week. I think that’s sufficient revision, hidden in the form of pleasure/ hobbies. For English, most of your studying can really by just incorporated into your interests: three words- write, write, write. You can write about anything and everything- write about something that has affected you lately, something you’re passionate about, whatever. A very apt quote from one of my favorite authors, Ayn Rand:

Love the work you do, not the secondary consequences.

That’s what I do. I write about what I love without realizing that it’s constantly improving my English.

  1. English Language (0500)
  2. English Literature (0486)

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