English First Language (0500)

English Language is a bit hard to study for.

My English teacher gave us a few tips (as far as tips can go in english exams) and tried to explain what IGCSE examiners are looking for.

  • Paper 2: Reading Passages (Extended)
  • Paper 3: Directed Writing and Composition

6 responses to “English First Language (0500)

    • The exams are actually quite easy… I’m in year eleven and have just sat my mocks. With very little knowledge I passed this exam with a B.
      However after our exams my teacher made us redo our work with more detailed knowledge:

      Question 1: Often asked to carry on writing as the person in the text.
      – The content of your answer will be marked out of 15 and the SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) will be marked out of 5.
      – Make sure you sound like the person in the text.
      – Use your OWN words. You’ll lose mark if you don’t,
      – Write the recommended amount which is usually 1 to 2 and a half pages.
      – Follow the three points given in the question.
      – Do not analyse
      – Use information from the text and carry on writing a report, newsletter, story or journal.( You will be instructed on what to write)

      Question 2: Analysis
      -The content of your answer will be marked out of 10.
      – This question will ask you to analyse two specific pieces of information in particular texts.
      – Carefully select effective words and phrases to analyse
      – Analyse in depth or break down your points
      – Include a readers response- for this focus on what the text makes you think.
      – Include 4 points for each question.
      – Highlight effective words so its easier to find.

      Question 3: Summary
      – The content of this answer will be marked out of 15 and the SPAG will be marked out of 5.
      – This question focuses on summary’s of the texts that you have read.
      – This included rephrasing everything in your OWN words. Do not copy. You will receive 0 marks.
      – Do not write a list of events. Write a paragraph that flows well by using connectives.
      – There is a specific amount that you have to write in this. For two paragraphs you have to write one page, meaning half a page for each paragraph.
      – Do NOT analyse.
      – For question One answer passage B and for two passage A.

      I hope this really helped and the best of luck for your exam…

  1. To elaborate on the points above^:
    Question one:
    -ALWAYS read the question first
    -Take 3 highlighters to exam, get 3 colours, highlight the 3 subquestions with the 3 colours and go back to the text to colour code it
    – keep in mind there are 5 marks awarded for each subquestion, and there are 8 points embedded within the text.
    1st point: ALL explicits
    2nd point: 4 explicit and 4 implicits
    3rd point: ALL implicit
    -cover each subquestion EQUALLY (this is essential if you want to get the top marks. For example, if you went into depth with the first and disregarded the third you will get a lower mark. so if you wrote about 8 points for 1st subquestion and only 1 for 3rd subquestion you will only get 6/10 not 9/10.
    -only having concrete vocabulary will not get you a high mark as the writing marks are only 5 BUT it is very useful when needing to find other words or phrases for the ones in the text.
    -paragraph and structure should be solid
    -your points dont have to be in order, but its better for you to ensure you didnt skip anything and more coherent for the examiner
    -being stressed is possibly the worst state you could be in, it will blur out your thoughts so calm down and prepare yourself
    -past papers are they key to a solid A*

    Question 2:
    -PEAL: point, evidence, analysis, link back to text.
    -choose quotes which have an imagery/ technique. Dont worry, there will be loads of them
    -remember, pick the right quotation because there are ones already set by examiners. if you analyse the wrong quote, no matter how good your analysis is, you won’t get marks for it.

    Question 3a:
    -the points dont have to be your own words
    -read the question first

    Question 3b:
    -cover all your 15 points here and organize them into nice little paragraphs
    -all marks are awarded for writing so SPAG and vocab.

    Good Luck!

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