English First Language (0500)

English Language is a bit hard to study for.

My English teacher gave us a few tips (as far as tips can go in english exams) and tried to explain what IGCSE examiners are looking for.

  • Paper 2: Reading Passages (Extended)
  • Paper 3: Directed Writing and Composition

4 responses to “English First Language (0500)

    • The exams are actually quite easy… I’m in year eleven and have just sat my mocks. With very little knowledge I passed this exam with a B.
      However after our exams my teacher made us redo our work with more detailed knowledge:

      Question 1: Often asked to carry on writing as the person in the text.
      – The content of your answer will be marked out of 15 and the SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) will be marked out of 5.
      – Make sure you sound like the person in the text.
      – Use your OWN words. You’ll lose mark if you don’t,
      – Write the recommended amount which is usually 1 to 2 and a half pages.
      – Follow the three points given in the question.
      – Do not analyse
      – Use information from the text and carry on writing a report, newsletter, story or journal.( You will be instructed on what to write)

      Question 2: Analysis
      -The content of your answer will be marked out of 10.
      – This question will ask you to analyse two specific pieces of information in particular texts.
      – Carefully select effective words and phrases to analyse
      – Analyse in depth or break down your points
      – Include a readers response- for this focus on what the text makes you think.
      – Include 4 points for each question.
      – Highlight effective words so its easier to find.

      Question 3: Summary
      – The content of this answer will be marked out of 15 and the SPAG will be marked out of 5.
      – This question focuses on summary’s of the texts that you have read.
      – This included rephrasing everything in your OWN words. Do not copy. You will receive 0 marks.
      – Do not write a list of events. Write a paragraph that flows well by using connectives.
      – There is a specific amount that you have to write in this. For two paragraphs you have to write one page, meaning half a page for each paragraph.
      – Do NOT analyse.
      – For question One answer passage B and for two passage A.

      I hope this really helped and the best of luck for your exam…

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