Why can’t I seem to find your essays/notes for one particular topic?

My notes are in different forms, some PDF, some Word documents, some pictures, some just plain text. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, just drop me a comment and I’ll try my best to help you. Usually the case is that you’ve missed the link to the document. Links are in blue color and you can click them. [I think this is common knowledge haha]

Why are you uploading your notes? Isn’t it unfair?

You’d be surprised how many people asked me this. No, it is not unfair to me or anybody else. Some of my peers have expressed concerns that I’ve given detailed analysis for some subjects like English, and how everyone would now have access to my interpretations (and my class’ interpretations), which apparently could somehow make it unoriginal and ruin the grade curve. I emphasize that these notes are not all you need for your IGCSEs, and it would not be wise just to purely memorize it for your exams.

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome, you can thank me by passing the website on to others who can use it too! (:

How can I find my way through the site?

I think the layout of the site is pretttyyyyy simple and minimalistic, but to find pages just hover over the little blue wordings/ tabs at the top of the page! (you know, experimental sciences, geography, whatever). That should help you get started on your revision. (: Some people have said that they can’t view the presentations (for example the prezi on Songs of Ourselves) I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do much about that. Some older computers don’t respond when you hover over the blue headings on the top, so I’ve added a list of pages on the sidebar to your left for easy and fuss-free navigation.

Hey, I’ve got some great essays/ notes that I would like to share- you haven’t covered it! Could I post them on your website?

That would be wonderful, once again just drop me a comment and I’ll give you an email to send it to. If it really is helpful, I’ll upload it. (:

Any more questions, feel free to ask. (:


13 responses to “FAQ

  1. This is Anu. My daughter is studying in Indian International school. your notes are awesome.Do u have any practice worksheets and assessment papers for maths and science?It would be of great help if u share with us.Tks

  2. Thank you so much I found your notes incredibly helpful you saved my life! 🙂 I was wondering if you had any AS level notes as well?
    Thanks again!! Saz

  3. Hi! I may have missed it, but where can I obtain soft copies of the notes? Also, do you have tips on revising? I’ve been studying for months (literally) for my IG exams but I deal with extreme stress regarding exams in general and feel defeated easily. I have my IGCSEs this week… and anxiousness isn’t even near to what I’m feeling right now. Please reply urgently. 😦

    • Hi! Well, all my notes are online anyways so you can just drag the photos into your computer 🙂 (by soft copies i just mean the photos of the hard copies, i dont have typed up versions LOL)

      Awh man, don’t be demoralized!! You can do this! Set yourself mini tasks and make a checklist – like study this topic for half an hour and youll feel that sense of satisfaction when you tick off that box on your checklist! Yeah, i know how you feel because my IB exams start this week too – good luck and all the best, just know that I’m in this with you too and see you on the other side 🙂 keep focussed not on the grades (bc thats stressful) but about proving to yourself you can be resilient 🙂 I have faith in you!!

  4. Hey,
    you inspired me to write my own notes for IGCSE and these subjects are those which aren’t covered int he website. So I though it would only be fair to put up on your website so it helps a lot of people.
    I have CIE IGCSE Business Studies and CIE IGCSE History Notes in document format.
    Business Studies notes are from a textbook and put on a 50 page document.
    I have history notes for Road to WW1 and WW2, and Depth Study notes for USA in 1920s. Others since I was positive I wouldn’t take that option, I haven’t revised them.

  5. Hey, I was just going through this blog when a question stroke my mind which is that, I’ve taken English as first language ad I’ve no clue how to prepare myself for this subject. Can you give me some tips to excel in it? I’ll eagerly wait for your reply. Thank you. xx

  6. Hello Ms Ruruh Hoong, I am Alice and a 10th grader currently. I have a critical essay to submit for IGCSE, can I ask you a few questions regarding that?

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