Paper 4: Alternative to Coursework

Now, geography for the IGCSE is predominantly about Paper 1, the general knowledge and the case studies, but P4 and P2 also hold quite a bit of weightage. Which is rather sad because these two papers are much more unpredictable and a little odd and sometimes fatuous (to the point where you actually get it wrong because it seems too easy to be true).

Anyways, Complete Geography for Cambridge IGCSE is pretty good. They have a little section at the back just for coursework.

And of course, here are my notes:

Geography P4


13 responses to “Paper 4: Alternative to Coursework

  1. i am a mature student , any help in this i will be most grateful. please email me notes. i sit my alt to course work next week friday. thanks inadvance.

    • Sorry, all my notes on the IGCSEs are uploaded here! For Alternative to Coursework, I think the best revision is past papers – all the best!

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