Additional Mathematics (0606)

The best subject in the universe.

Alright, here we go.


  1. Set Notation and Language
  2. Functions
  3. Quadratics
  4. Indices and Surds
  5. Factors of Polynomials
  6. Simultaneous Equations
  7. Logarithms and Exponential Functions
  8. Straight Line Graphs
  9. Circular Measure
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Permutations and Combinations
  12. Binomial Expansion
  13. Vectors
  14. Matrices
  15. Differentiation and Integration

11 responses to “Additional Mathematics (0606)

    • I’m actually not too sure, our textbooks vary from year to year! The textbook I used last year was actually a Singaporean textbook, my teacher just gave us quite a bit of supplementary material 🙂 I’d advise looking at ppqs, those are always the best!

    • If you are studying for the CIE syllabus 0606 Additional Maths, there is only one textbook which is officially endorsed by CIE, which is published by Haese Mathematics of Australia. Please see link below. Hope this info helps…

  1. Hi. I really found your site amazing!! And i love the idea of your putting up these very personal notes of yours for everyone to use.
    Would you be able to email me your physics chemistry and biology notes, please.

  2. Hi I really love yur sit and yur notes,I can understand more clearly and detailed!! Would you mind posting yur notes from coordinate geometry 🙂

  3. Hi! I really enjoy this website …it’s helpful n effective 🙂 . But i also need to know if there will be any more relevant notes about relative velocity . Thank u

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