International Mathematics (0607)

I don’t have notes on this course. I didn’t really study for E-maths – I just did a few past papers. However, I highly recommend this revision guide which you can order online, regardless of where you are:

*Afternote: I happened to get Top of the World for this course (International Mathematics) afterwards – considering I didn’t study for E-maths and slaved for the other subjects, such is the irony of life I guess!


7 responses to “International Mathematics (0607)

  1. Hi, for 0607 international maths revision experience, except few past papers practice, did you mainly revise the book of the exam preparation & practice guide? Thank you.

    • Yep! Just did the past papers in class, but then again taking A Maths really does mean that you’ll have that basic foundation anyways. The exercises in the Haese mathematics book are pretty good!

    • For curious, if you don’t mind to tell. Normally, do you need to get score 95-100% to get the top in the world? or even higher? Do u think 94% have the chance?

  2. Do you know any websites that help with extended maths for 0607? none of the ones I’m finding are helping :/ Your notes help loads by the way! thank you 🙂

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