8 responses to “Transportation

  1. Can i fully depend on your notes for a good grade like yours? An A*? Do you have others notes that you used to study from apart from these? Am in a big trouble,i need help thankyou.

    • I reviewed my textbooks as well, and did loads of past papers.
      I can’t guarantee you an A* but if you memorise these notes and do some past papers you should be fine! anyways next exams aren’t for another five months, you’ll be fine if you work hard these few months 🙂
      good luck 🙂

      • Do these notes cover all the topics for the March 2015 examination portion??
        Do reply fast..coz I have Bs. And bio together so need to have something simple for last moment study

      • I’m not sure, but my notes cover the Nov 2012 syllabus. They’ve probably updated their syllabus by then – it shouldn’t have changed much but there might be a few things missing.

  2. Hey! Im gonna be doing my igcses in 2017 and im really worried about bio. So can i rely on these completely while studying from the textbook to get A* in bio??

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