Electricity and Magnetism


8 responses to “Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Hi! In a few of the pages, the words aren’t very clear. Would you please retake the pictures again? Thanks so much! By the way, I can’t explain in words how much your notes are helping me study!

      • these are pretty legit notes.thank you so much.i have my gcse exams in a few weeks. this helped a lot, thanks.

  2. hey! i appreciate your effort in your notes and you sharing your notes! i am going to take the igcse and was wondering how to study. i do not know how to study for such a variety of topics and all the subjects. usually i study one topic by making the notes reciting them and writing the notes again. i would be stupid to this this with all the subjects and all the topics. it would be nice if you could tell me how you studied! few tips would be great.

  3. hey. i wanted to thank you for these notes. i am a person who recites and makes many notes and i am struggling at this since there is a variety of topics and subjects that need to be looked at and studied. therefore i wanted to ask how you studied and wether you have any tips.
    thanks in advance!
    Ninja Smile

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